Feeling like been away for light years in just a 2-day absent from the blogging world. Went to act a daughter role on weekend, I needed to go with my mother to cease some unfinished business. Unfortunately, it turned out another unfinished one…

My burritos had their barber session, they love their hair done at Rocky’s Barber Shop, candies are free + free tractor ride. LOL.

Goofing around Yogo Yogurt shop after the clipping session. They love this delight, how can this sour-sweet thing be so expensive, can’t do anything but pay in sour-sweet expression.

The weekend that was, thanks everyone for always taking time to drop by.

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  1. Wow makeover galore ang mga bagets hehehe.. Aga ng blue monday natin ah hhehe

  2. A cute Blue Monday showing. I think it is ridiculous what they charge for a child's hair cut.

  3. Your life is full.

    Happy Blue Monday, Vernz!

  4. wow! nice lagi na nga barber shop ate kay naa pay free candy ug tractor ride.. hihihi! agi pud ko diri ate.. musta na? miss you! mwah!

  5. Nice new haircut. Mahal kaayo diri ang haircut mao naka antigo gyud ko ug ahat..Thanks for the visit.

  6. Your children are adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. ayay! newly groomed man diay imong mga sakop te...ehhehee...pagka cute....:)

    sensya na te karon lang nakalabay, busy pod akong life...agoy loaded ka diay diha...good luck sa imong 60 students...eehhehe!

    btw, ask lang ko sa imong mailing add te, pede mangayo? hope you can email it to


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