I’m feeling good now, though not as happy, ;). I have a good reason to do some updates as I’m sharing some nostalgic moments of my goodoldays. I beg your indulgence for posting most of youtube’s rtv, it’s just that most of my blissful moments back then were associated with songs.

This one in particular is a musical theme of a drama we produced during my first year of teaching. More than the pictures are the imprints of happy faces of those who worked hard to stage an inspiring drama, well, written by me of course.. hehehe… It was entitled ‘The voices of the wind’. While there are many versions of this song, from the original to the one I most love, the version of ‘IZ’ a.k.a Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, he’s a Hawaiian singer who sadly died so young because of an inborn weight disorder. His death in 1997 was rather a celebration rather than mourning. He truly has a voice of an angel, that every time I hear him sing just made me chicken skin. His fusion of jazz and reggae is what made his music so outstanding.

One way to ‘nam-namin’ the spirit of this song is to just close your eyes, slouch on your swivel, put your hands behind your head and journey with the chi of the song.

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  1. i have this song in my blog playlist--i didn't know that he already passed away. i love his version of this song.

  2. It's my first time hearing his voice. Thanks for sharing and dropping by...

  3. maminaw unta ko nya ingon man nga watch on youtube hehehe..sus ako ra ba ni nga fav kantahon hehehe.

    wa koy entry Vernz kay gabii nako miabot diri sa balay, didto k Toril, nya naabtan ko ulan, mao ng wa ko kauli dayon..waaaaaaa

  4. Naninindig balahibo ko sa voice nya ate, he had a very beautiful voice. Too bad he had to die so young.

    Sensya na for my late visit at ako'y busing busy sa school functions wahhhh.


  5. namnam na namnam ko talaga ang kantang ito hehehe

  6. funny, i was trying to avoid "more drama" and talks about death....

    it's ok, sb mo nga just cry it out...over pa nman ako sa pagkaemotional, tapos andaming pangyayaring nakalala pa sa pagka-OA ko :)))

    but, i can belt out a dry laugh:)))

    thank for the message mam vernz.

  7. Mommy ang mga nostalgic na video eh sa imo nakuha hehehe mao na try ko nangita ug music video ni Jose Mari Chan since he is my all time favorite singer talaga.

  8. Hindi ko ma view and video maam. super big talaga siya ano.

    Banyo Queen

  9. wwahh!di ko makita ang nasa video,sistah Vernz!hanap ko na lang cya sa youtube lol.

    Thanks for dropping by at my Nostalgia dear^_^

  10. aawww, so nostalgic naman talaga.. dami ko din memories sa old songs, lalo na 80s.

  11. ninamnam ko na sa youttube just now. Awww, na-tear eyed ako. He had a beautiful voice.


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