If you’re keen about the clothing trends of our nursing practitioners these days you would probably notice that they’ve evolved from the classic Florence Nightingale gown style to the modern medical scrubs that we often see these days.

I love to see these nurses in their classic skirt and cap. I find them so dignified in their white uniform, although I seldom see nurses who are into these clothes right now, except for those who are still in school; maybe because wearing medical scrubs is more comfortable to move around than in those skirts.

But on the other hand, I find it so cute, especially those men nurses assigned in the hospital pedia department, where they wear this Winnie the Pooh printed mens scrubs. My kids love to point at their clothes. It’s so pleasing and so light to the eyes. Kids find it not as intimidating compared to wearing the classic white one.
Whoever have thought about this strategy of nurses clothing evolution, it truly have served its purpose right, not only to the kids who love this cartoon characters on the nurses scrubs but I think nurses find it also comfortable to wear.

And if you’re a medical pro or have nurse relatives who plan to score some of these, you can actually buy scrubs online,  guaranteed quality at a price you can afford. So what are you waiting for, fill-in those online carts now!

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  1. hi ate! musta? ganahan ka ug purple nga color te? how about gladiator nga high heels? or sexy nga blouse? ga problema jud ko te unsa akong ihatag sa imo unsaun nga puro man ni sexy ang mga gamit ni mama...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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  3. get scrubs and uniforms when they are cheap, they are going to get expensive you know


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