I so love my Brother!

Yeah right! Other than my one and only biological brother, I have another Brother I love the most, it’s my 3 year-old Brother HL2140.

In our four years together, this guy has not failed me once, in fact, he has been instrumental in making all my life mess easy. During the purchase time, I was supposed to pick that slim bodied-colored one since it comes cheap than this bulky laser one, but hubby told me not to since ink refilling with ink jet printers would come in expensive in the long run and most documents to print are in black and white, ‘you’re not running a printing shop, so opt to have this Brother pack.’

It pays to listen to your husband once in awhile especially in cases like this. Today, its one of the most-trusted and efficient machines we have on the house. The latest versions though are so tempting; it just awed me to note that these new Printers come in so complete, it comes in with fax, copier, scanner, colored laser, just awesome. It brought me to wonder then, will there be printer models in the future with built-in coffeemaker, washer, rice cooker, etc… something like a mom blogger can bring with her anywhere.

How novel!


  1. brother is a good brand. parts and service are expensive though.

  2. You had ME going on the 'brother' part. And yes, I so agree with you, the brand name is a great company.

    Josephine's Door

    Happy Friday!!

  3. LOL, Vernz, I want one with a toaster and a rice cooker.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. A Brother brand is good....we have a Canon because it's great for printing photos.. and I love printing them for my scrapbook.


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