I’m making it up Rose; it’s just that sometimes urgent matters can top a priority, thus some things need to take a back-seat.

But I’m in for this week’s Nostalgia.

This photo is one of the treasures from my archives. One of those times when we climb up to Sto. Nino Shrine at Shrine Hills here in the city for a Sunday Mass took a side trip to Catalina Gardens and see Mt. Apo up close.

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  1. Asa man na dapit ang Catalina Gardens Vernz? Nice phot:)

  2. wow, ganda ng view sis... visiting you from the hop!

  3. nyahahaha...murag korek ang tulo...cute. Asa man ng Catalina Gardens Vernz hehe...nice ang view diha no?

  4. Wonderful photo, Vernz!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. I tlooks so relaxing there tVernz, parang ang sarap magmeditate dyan while looking at that beautiful view.

  6. wow grabe ka nice ani nga photo verns nindot padak-an..murag bookmark..hehe!

    my nostalgia is up too:)

  7. It's so cool! Ganda ng pagkakakuha ah. Pangpost card ;-)

    We missed you last week, Vernz. Great to see you again this week.


  8. Aww, nice! You mentioning Shrine reminds me of my college retreat in 1996. It was not in Shrine pero malapit dun. Sa may unahan. Bahay ng mga madre ata yun. I forgot the name na. :)

    Thank you for the visit, Vernz. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. wow, this is indeed a candid shot...I like it...ka cute!

  10. Every day I get to see Mt. Apo up closer ....hehehe, my mom's house where I'm staying whenever I'm in Davao has 3 floors---on the 3rd floor is a rooftop terrace and we all enjoy watching the mountain there---we live at Central Park.

  11. breathtaking spot mommy vernz :) Loved the glowing scene coz sun is brightly shining. Ang sweet naman nang makakatabi ang makakapatid na yan.


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