It's the second time I attended a Davao Bloggers meet-up, it was on Saturday at the Yellow Hauz, with me of course were equally (para fair) pretty mom bloggers haha. We listened to Dan Delima, a guy who works for Google who is also based in Japan, about the real and future importance of mapping and how we can be a part in completing to map out our neighborhood. I actually love the idea, well, given the direction idiot me, I think I really need to contribute to map out the roads I frequent. It's actually very simple to be a contributor, all you need is your google mail and sign in to google maps and do the thing, it looks simple the way Mr. Delima demonstrated it, but had not actually logged in and did it, but I should!

From left is Crislyn of Out of the Box, Kat of A Woman's Note, Rovie of Anything About Bella and myself.
Some light unguarded moments of the younger bloggers, they're all cute.
The thin crusted pizza, love the cheesy ones, yumm!
The Davao Bloggers (Photo by Andrew dela Serna)


  1. oh, ang saya naman jan...
    mahirap tagabundok...walang ganyang event na mapuntahan si ako^_^

  2. That's cool sis! I am glad to here that you also have events down there. Cheers! :D

  3. Looks like a fun event! And pizza, as well. I love cheesy ones, too.
    I don't quite understand about contributing to Google maps, but after you've done it, let us know. I sounds interesting.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. oops
    "It" sounds interesting, not "I" — LOL

  5. I really had fun last geek up mam vernz... It's refreshing to finally meet in person those friends you came across on line...

    hope to see each other on the next geek up...

  6. wow!! daming pizza! look so yummy! ang saya saya ng meet up ninyo. sana maka join din

    My YS is up here at SAHM Reviews.Net

  7. hi vernz,

    ang "cheesy" naman ng meet-up na yan ^^

    visiting you back thru YS :)

    see you around ;)

  8. oh, cheesseeee!!! love ko! hehe.

    P.S. sis yes, the fish dish could be pan-fried or pan-grilled if you like :)

  9. Wow, I love to hear about the google mapping. If you know na how to do it sis. Please share :) I'd love to be part of it :)

  10. wow!!! kalamit sa pizza!! one of my favorites! asa man ning yellow house mommy vernz? salamat sa visit diay! late nako!

  11. ma'am vernz, gihulaman nako imong mga pictures sa akong post about sa Geek Up...

    Salamat po!

  12. ayay! kalami jud ninyo te da...dire kay d man uso ang event! joke...:)

    sos, plantada dayon ang mga model woi...hehhee...ana jud pa front seat...nahan ko sa imong attire te...mura lagi mo ug cousin ni gloria macapagal-arroyo...ehehehe!

  13. wow!! i should attend one of those meetings when I'm home, vernz! visiting you back via Ys!

  14. hi, just dropping by for weekday potluck!

    more power!

    Icar of

  15. I am on inggit mode, Vernz. Been a long time since I have met up with a few bloggers. I hope I could attend to one soon:-)

  16. Bloggers meet up are always fun. And the food are always great!

    Late visit via Weekday Potluck. Here's mine: Baked Cheese in Filo Pastry

  17. umaasa ako na may araw na mameet ko ang davao bloggers...

  18. wow, ang saya na, educational ang daming pizza! yummy! visiting late from YS, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)


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