Two Old Folks

I was waiting for my husband at a resto along CM Recto here in Davao when I spotted this two old folks, this man in his back has been waving 'come' to that woman at the other side of the road, unfortunately even on red light there were still vehicles coming because of the 'go on right' principle - it took her sometime to get across, gladly there was one student who helped her cross the street.

So glad to note this value still exist, but this isn't far from dissappearing ... If that happens .. I think that would be my time..lol.. I hope the city will have infrastructure for old folks devoid of this crossing danger ...

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  1. Good to know that she got the help.

  2. Kudos to the student who chose to help. :)

  3. We also need the similar infrastructure here. Salute to the kind student :)

  4. Good for the student who helped her get across the street. I can't run any more, so even in our small town I try to cross at crosswalks. The law says the pedestrian has the right-of-way in the crosswalk, so it's nice to know, if I get hit by a car, it's not my fault!
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  5. You're quick with your camera. Loved the sotry and the fact that the youth have still that value in our city. That student could be my son. Was he wearing a powder-blue uniform? hehe.

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