On humans relationship with machines

“O dear, don’t tire out my machine."

Ever heard of these words? If you hadn’t then you better snoop around our house, this is a normal part of everyday conversation in my household, having employed machines to make our life easiest and less friction with humans. For one thing, I bet, not one human household in this age of Androids are devoid of machine, from the kitchen, to the bathroom practically every inch of the house has its matching device. 

And in my household bulk of our machines are in computing, and mind you they’re all over. One of our most exploited e-employees, other than our coffeemaker of course, is my Brother HL2140 printer, we call it Scrat, it would sound scrat, scrat every time it spew out paper, so hence the name, I beg your indulgence but I’m one of those women who is crazy enough to name gadgets so it would sound like they’re part of a big homo family. 

Anyway, this machine has served us efficiently since 2008; it has not failed me much other than eating papers which I admit annoy me sometimes. But I must say over-all performance of this printer is superb. I had changed its ink cartridge since it came home only once and had delivered around 4,000 legal size print-outs, much of it during the presidential election, our candidate loss though but it wasn’t Scrat’s fault. Today, although recent models of this machine is tempting, I won’t exchange this not unless those Printers are laser colored ones come in with fax, with scanner, with copier, with coffeemaker, with washer, with rice cooker and an electronic mind reader, that would just print my mind if I refuse to talk to my husband. 

How’s that for a model, novel, eh!


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