Dear Willy,

Am writing from Davao City, and I am an avid fan of yours, my 1yr and 9 months old son even recognize you courtesy of your big billboards here in the city.

You have aired your interest in running for public office that you said you can do more than just being a host and that you will not be a host forever. I have the same opinion as yours … but you know some things are pretty well good left untouched.

What I wanted to say is that you still can reach, help millions of people worldwide even without entering the dirty world of politics. You may say that ‘wala nang mawawala sa akin dahil nawala na lahat, wala nang masisira pa sa akin dahil sira na lahat, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t get involved with politics.

But did you know that you are already a help to countless of people around the world through your show, promoting solidarity, unity and easing homesickness of those OFWs who work tirelessly to help our country’s economy afloat, and a dose of medicine specially for those who have lost faith in life back here in our country. ALL THESE YOU HAVE DONE WITHOUT POLITICAL COLOR JUST PURE HELP AND WHOLESOME ENTERTAINMENT.

But this situation will truly change if you run for public office, help is not a help out of pure heart, and entertainment is not pure entertainment if you will be a political figure or if you do this clear political purpose and you know how this works in our country.

If you really have learned your life lesson well, you listen to the King of Philippine Comedy –DOLPHY he has given you priceless words of advice regarding this, and that to LEAVE POLITICS TO THOSE WHO WANT TO PLAY DIRTY.

Your show will lose authority once you enter politics unless you turn Wowowee and change its name to something else, but we don’t want that to happen, for a home-based mother like me, your show really entertains.

I think we are not talking about money here anymore, we are talking about your commitment to give pure, wholesome entertainment to all the Pinoys around the world and that commitment is what I am claiming now as a follower of your show.

YOU ARE FAR MORE CAPABLE OF HELPING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD than just being a politician. You don’t need to be a politician to help.

Indorse Manny Villar, it is a right of every citizen of this country, in fact I am considering Manny Villar, but I will not vote for you if you run for public office but I can be more than just an avid supporter of your show, I religiously watch your show, I haven’t cried for my country yet but I have cried and laughed with your show many times over.

I may not represent all those who oppose you running, but I hope you find it in your heart to listen to this small voice from this part of the country – Davao City.




  1. Hi Vernz,

    For you to show codes, just replace < with < and > with >

    Hope that helps! ^_^

    Maricel of Momhood Moments

  2. some people are better off doing what they are actually doing now. revillame and pacquiao are two good examples.

  3. totoo. Bakit ba kasi ginugusto pang pumulitika ng mga celebrity, mayaman na nga, at kayang-kaya naman tumulong. Nakita naman ito kay Ondoy, kung saan private sector talaga ang pinakatumulong sa mga nasalanta. Sang-ayon din ako sa sinasabi mong hindi na pure entertainment at pure help kapag nahaluan ng politics.

    nice. sana makarating sa kanya.

  4. Tama, hindi mo kelangan ng pulitika para tumulong. Hindi ka papasa sa standards ng nakararaming Pinoy bilang politiko Willy. ;-)


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