Indeed, there are a number of ICT professionals here in Davao City, they maybe difficult to track down since some of them are freelancer and homebased or some are employed and do some moonlighting on the side. I can attest that we have competent IT professionals here in Davao City, when in fact I am living with one.

This software-skilled has already served many SME’s here in Davao City via developing ‘custom made’ software and helping their business grow, and since negotiations are done on a personal level it is far down cheaper than the boxed ones, and it is far more reliable and dependable than those companies offering branded, boxed ones. I am saying this because of so many unpleasant experiences of known establishments here in Davao City transacting software business with these Manila-based companies, not to mention millions in pesos in terms of packages other than the per day payment of its programmers that will come to train the users, which until today it’s still not running.

What this home-grown software developers of ours need is exposure, assistance in terms of licensing, and a platform for recognition. ICT Davao should present programs that will encourage these professionals to come out and be counted, be rated by their professional accomplishments, a venue where you can create a Davao IT directory of professionals, offer incentives, scholarships, advance trainings etc. There are a lot of corporations that are more than willing to sponsors events like this.

Professionalizing our ICT industry here in Davao City is a ‘must-do’ endeavor, so these potential professionals of ours can compete, be recognized and can play in a much more authoritative and professional manner in the ICT market.

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