I have been thinking lately about things that I feel ‘I cannot do it anymore’ …. Master’s thesis … long been stalled, ballet class for my daughter, which I can’t find time to walk her to, my syllabus, having no help, and got only two hands, (but why do homo sapiens got only two hands?) and only one tired body…. huh!

Brooding over these happenings in my little bubble, while picking up mess my herd left, I got hold of this crumpled paper and read;

If you have been long defeated by a difficulty,
it is probably because you have told yourself for weeks, months,
and even for years that there is nothing you can do about it.
But when you emphasize and reemphasize a positive attitude,
You will finally convince your own consciousness
that you can do something about difficulties. – Norman Vincent Peale

Ok, ok, back on track again…. Robin Padilla, di ka nag-iisa, me too! Tink pasitib wag kang aayaw! I CAN DO THIS!

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