Act of Random Kindness

I was on my way home yesterday when I spotted this man along Lapu-Lapu St., in Agdao Public Market here in Davao City. He was struggling so hard to self-push his wheelchair. It makes it even harder for him as side roads are very dangerous and concretes are not evenly flattened, which made his wheelchair stuck in the utility hole.

Still some acts of random kindness exist in this engaging time, a tricycle driver got out of his driving seat and helped this man moved his chair again.

It leads me to realize that this differently-abled person has struggled much to survive what reason I have to retreat from life? Really! A sight worth reflecting.

While Davao City has been recognized as a Child-friendly city in the Philippines, seeing this scene of my everydayness made my heart yearn that one of these days Davao City will also be a differently-abled friendly city. PAANO?

’an orthopedically-challenged man struggling to self-push his wheelchair’


  1. A touching story. I am so glad the tricycle driver helped the poor man. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. The disabled simply needs to feel "in-control" of their lives WHILE being assured that they have the READY support of everyone. It's vastly ideal, but it can--should--happen.


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