These past few days I’ve been under mild anxiety attack over worrying sick that this blog of mine will expire in 8 months as every time I have blog check for traffic rank the result would always tell me that it’s already 9 years old and it will expire in a few months, when in reality I have been blogging for just barely 3 months. So anxious about the status of this little virtual world of mine I ask people around who knew best than I do.

I was hesitating at first as they might ask for consultation fees. But not this fellow, He gave his words free. I’m talking about John Lottery of ASK THE BLOGSTER, I consulted him about these worries of mine and this is what he has to say;

John Lottery said …


Stop Worrying!!!

Your blog (and the 3 of mine) are all created on the free service blogger, and have a main url domain name of blogspot.com which is owned by Google.

If you use whois.com and enter blogspot.com, you'll see that this URL was:

Created on............: 2000-07-31.
Expires on............: 2010-07-31.
Record last updated on: 2009-06-07.

Since today is 2009-11-23, you can see that blogspot.com will expire in 8 months - 23 days and is now 9 years 3 months and we days old.

I put in your blog name and mine into website grader, and both return the same Off-Page SEO Domain Info.

Since our blogs are sub-domains of blogspot, we don't have a url listed nor do we have to pay for it.

Since Google owns blogspot, rest assured that they will renew their URL registration when the time comes.

So, stop worrying and start writing!

It won't expire!

That's the beauty of using blogger. We don't have to do anything except create our blog, write new posts, and publish them.

If you have any other questions, let me know!


John, Thank you for erasing all my worries away … All the best ... More Power!

So if you have questions about blogging, monetizing your blog and I guess anything about blogging ASK THE BLOGSTER, he is more than willing to help you.


  1. first time i heard about blogpot expiring. baka nga you using such site checker and it gave you expiring result. mine is more than years and never receive kind of warning. have a nice day.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and links Vernz. That's a great Thanksgiving surprise.

    And now you can tell me something ...

    What the heck is: "baka nga" in the above post.

    Stay in touch,


  3. Hi, hope you are at peace na hindi na mag-eexpire ang site mo.

    Iba naman ang problem ung persistent pop-up of advertising websites na hindi ko naman inoopen.

    Best wishes...

  4. can't understand why magexpire site mo te vernz!

    hehe!anyway, drop drop ako ng EC here!

  5. haha blogs never expire.. thats the domain expiry date.. which Blogger.com will renew by themself..

    so you are right, let's just don't worry about that, and continue to post and post and non-stop posting.

    My DSLR Days


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