Paying respect to the efforts of these malls that stayed up late every weekend and doing eternally endless sale this Christmas season, I went out yesterday to this fave mall of mine to do also some bargain hunting.

On normal days from our house to Gaisano Mall it’s just a ten-minute ride, but yesterday it took me an hour to finally reach the last of the line at the mall’s entrance. The traffic was crazy. As I get inside the mall, the more I got dizzy people were like brood of chicken plying at different directions. My bargain hunting ended up sipping coffee, watching people at an in-house coffee shop.

Restless people

Oh! I just pity the saleslady

I have not done people watching for quite a while, uncomely as it may seem but this situation has brought me to another very fulfilling experience. I chronicled my people watching stint and will post it later.

Thanks for checking new stuff in this side of town.


  1. Daerahku, thanks for the compliment...

  2. Hi Vernz, I'm glad Tita Melinda and I are staying away from SM City in Iloilo until after Christmas. After seeing your pictures, I am glad we made that decision. Thanks for the drop! I made it back to Entrecard...again!

  3. I know sales seem to go on for ever lately but some times you manage to hit the shops at the right time, don't you agree?


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