I have been involved with contests around this blogosphere lately and one of them is Travelin’ With Marie’s ‘The 25 Days of Christmas Holiday Contest’.

Travelin' With Marie

This is suppose to be the first task I should have done for this contest but I’ve been so full these past days that beating off the deadline to get 2 entries for this post is my first hour blogging job today. So here we go,

I grow up with Seventh Day Adventist people around me and Christmas is not a highlighted event in the lives of these people, but we have extremely fun celebrations during New Years.

But when I got married and have kids myself, it has already been a family tradition to have kris kringle, kids as they are, really love exchanging gifts and a must-awaited event during the holidays in our family, that eventually even the olds cannot resist the fun and join.

There are more practices other than this that a Filipino family is into during Christmas, but this is where I see the eyes of the children sparkle more.

This Christmas would be another expression of this family tradition of ours.

My heartfelt greetings of peace and prosperity this Christmas to Travelin’ With Marie and her family. Good luck to me, wishing to get the first prize.

Thank you for taking time to read and see you again for another experience in this side of town.

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  1. Hi, thanks for joining my contest! I need you to leave me your email so I can contact you in case you are a winner, and I need it to check if you verified your subscription. So, you will have 11 entries once you leave your email/verify your subscription. Good luck!

  2. I got him a couple of gifts but I have a feeling he's not getting me anything. I'm just curious if most people exchange gifts on dating anniversaries? We've discussed doing something fun that day so I know he hasn't forgotten about it. No, I am not a gold digger...I'm just wondering if it was stupid for me to get him gifts?

  3. huhu!

    gusto unta ko mujoin!kaya lng dili makaya sa schedule!grabe ka busy!huhuhu!

    te vernz,hope we can meet as soon as i go home!

  4. Teeth, gifts are supposed to be given with along with your heart without conditions whatsover, in whatever occassion ... give gifts without expecting something in return... if you wish to give him a gift it's actually your prerogative.

    Gagay, yes darling ... email ko sa yo number ko...

  5. Does anyone have ideas for a gift to bring to a Christmas gift exchange?

  6. Wow!Well we don't buy a lot of stuff during the year all our spending is always on a needs only basis.We have two or more camping trips this is in place of spending all enjoys those.We invite as many as can come just show up.Family fun in the great outdoors!So Christmas is about the giving to us and our family and to those less fortunate,it is the big event of our year and all share in it.Weather homemade,store bought,makes no difference Everyone gets something.Great pictures and lots of love and fun.It is never extravagant,no one is ever disappointed too much.Merry Christmas to you and yours,I said it early!


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