This is my Skywatch Friday entry for this week.

I have towards the evening classes and if I may call it luck, I regularly see the sun sets from this side of town in unusual, awe-inspiring scenes everyday. I took these series of pictures from the stair balcony of the Assumption College of Davao.(Note the wire that crosses, a proof that it is taken on the same place.)

On a more personal note, let me share my thought (not reckless this time) that we may be feeling different emotions on seeing different sunsets we experience at different places, but there’s one thing that connects us to these differences, we’re seeing the same sun.

Thank you for the visit and see you again for another experience in this side of town. Leaving a comment is very much appreciated and you get a visit from me.


  1. Saan to sa DAvao? Nice pics.. see my first entry also.

  2. Lovely sky colours! I especially find the first photo intriguing! It looks like light has been hollowed out of the clouds!

  3. Wonderful shots. Sky is never boring.

  4. Hi Vernz,

    Out of topic message, I think you forgot to enumerate the tasks you accomplished on in my contest. I'd appreciate if you can take time to enumerate to count your entries :)

    God Bless

  5. Wow Vernz nice photos. I also have a collection of sky and sea photos. I'll post the later.

    My blog today is about Filipino inventors. Hope you come to visit. Thanks

  6. whew! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! samot naku nga gimingaw sa davao!huhu! i wanna fly na to davao!huhu!

    nindot kaau ang sunset!huhuh!

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  7. Hi Vernz! Sunsets so beautiful (maganda), see I try to impress you with my very limited Tagalog.

    Sunsets do stir certain emotions, makes a connections with memories past. I love these pictures.

  8. Hi Dave! Thanks for dropping by! Wow! Indeed, marunong kanang magTagalog. Hahahaha! Salamat.


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