This is my Mellow Yellow Monday entry and I call it ‘LIFE’S A JOURNEY’.

Let me share my thoughts today, I’m suppose to be posting some reckless ideas here but it just came out, I just feel like getting into some serious side of life today, so there!

Some of my life’s philosophies just came out …….. that to get through the hardest journey of our life, we need to take only one step at a time, but we must keep stepping on, because if all difficulties were known at the beginning of a long journey, we would never have started out at all. The road of life turns and twists, we may plan the route to take, but no two directions are ever the same, as an old proverb say, our life’s most valued lessons will come from the journey and not the destination.

I took this picture at the Ateneo de Davao University-Grade School Campus during my child’s family day activity. I took it out of boredom walking, but I never thought this would be a good analogy for this entry.

Thanks for reading and see again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. that is a great journey of life. One step at a time to reach a mile.
    SABI NGga kung walang barya di mabubuo ang piso.
    life will never be fulfilled if we not moving kahit isang step lang. So keep on walking.

  2. Hello Vernz, Here I am. Why walk if I can run? ha ha ha I agree, this life on earth is just a journey which means there is a destination. So let's not fear death. A friend of mine said he is just a temporary passenger in this transport system called earth.

    As always, best wishes to you and your love ones...especially this season to be jolly...


Thank You for the comment. I appreciate it very much!
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