I was waiting for something good to happen the other day along Monteverde St., here in Davao City when a delivery van passed by my face, the writings on the side caught me, see this photo;

I was euphoric inside me thinking … oh my god, another international food chain has come to Davao and this will be another indulging experience for sweet tooth like me.

But let me just give you some backgrounder why I was so elated seeing this van.

Paris Baguette has always been a topic when this Korea-based friend of mine will come over for a vacation. She’s also as sinful as me when it comes to food. Paris-Croissant Food Company (the company behind Paris Baguette) is a South Korean food company, headquartered in Seongnam and their specialty include french classic bread and confectionary products.

So there, that explains my excitement, but bewildered as I read more …. Meat da Best.

I’m no SOCO but just a curious human being wanted to solve this mystery why the writings on the van. So asking around was my next move, until yesterday we drove to Victoria Plaza passing by Obrero and this meat shop ended the mystery.

Meat da Best meat shop along Porras St., Obrero

So strapping things up showed that these vans were actually ‘chop-chop’ imports from SKorea, and the meat shop owner had acquired this van from an importer and apparently, it would be too expensive to repaint it, thus the add on … meat da best.

Paris Baguette is now in Davao City? Nah! Not the store just the van. So frustrating!

Thanks for reading see again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Ha ha, Vernz, I love it, only in the Philippines! Great little story, and good investigation on your part. Funny, funny, funny.

  2. Do you think working at Paris Baguette is a good thing?

  3. panuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!

    i was thinking naa na pod new eating stop ko nga bag o ig uli naku diha!hahah!

    te,,pinaskuhan nku!hahah!mukanta naku?

  4. Teeth you're from Melbourne? There's Paris Baguette in Melbourne? I think it's cool to work there ...

    Cge Gagay, kanta na! kuripot baya ko .. heheheeh!

  5. Do you think working at Paris Baguette is a good thing?

  6. Haha, muntik ka na doon ah. Nakakaloko naman ung owner niyan Ateh Vernz

  7. Nyahahahaha, lokong mokong na yan ah hehehe.. I love cakes from PB when we were still in Korea..

  8. Oh, I Love Paris Baguette merchandise that my husband bring from korea to cebu.

  9. Just wait and See Paris Baguette is coming this 2013....our company is working on it.


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