For two years now, I have not spent a single centavo for our Christmas tree d├ęcor, frugality is this year’s theme for our tree. The children agreed to use their stuffed animals as decorations, after some pulling, stretching, lassoing finally we made it before the 25th.

Here’s our ruby red, stuffed animal tree. Thank you for reading see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Hi Vernz, that really is a beautiful tree and what a good idea to use the stuffed animals. This is the first year in many that we will not have a tree, had to leave our old tree back in America, our budget restrains us from buying a new one here now that we have so many mouths to feed at our place, but it was so nice to see your tree.

  2. you have a very beautiful Christmas tree.. I have a medium-sized tree at home, and the theme is blue and silver.. :) your Christmas tree is heartwarming.. :)

    Btw, sis yes I'm a teacher.. Pero part-time lang, haha. I teach Korean students. However, I'm resigning soon from this post because I'll be taking the board exams soon. :) wish me luck!

    God bless and best regards to your family.. :)

  3. Hi Dave thanks for dropping by. I wish Guimaras is just a pump boat away, I will help you put up a tree in no time with no cost at all hehehe.....

    Ms. J. Howdy Sis, me too teacher din ... good luck to you exams all the best. You can do it!

  4. wow nice.. very creative naman ni nanay :-)

    meri christmas!

  5. Thats a very beautiful Christmas tree... I am also trying to find ways to save on christmas decors.. due to heavy schedule, up to now, our Christmas tree is still very simple.. hope by Saturday I would be able to complete it..


  6. Reyapot and Vivapinay thanks for taking time writing, yes pulot there, pulot here lang yan na xmas tree... para tipid!

  7. Sa maybahay ang aming bati, meri krismas na malualhati!

  8. I read your friends comments and they are speaking visayan...hahaha then bisaya sad ko sis....xmas na kau dha sa inyo balay wla pko xmas tree pastilan ngita pko ani hehehe chika ta more sis...

  9. MsRay, my moto.. it's my year to receive and not to give ... hahahahah! (dyuk onli) Merry Christmas Ms. Ray.

    Emie, darling, pagbuhat na diha, nindot man gud ang magdali-dali kay murag pasko na jud... hahaha! Meri Krismas.


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