I’m in luck today, I received some bucks which I have not claimed during the holidays, I got a new shoe, fettuccine for dinner and above all a Kreative Blogger Award from Ms. Ray of Woman On A Journey, A Filipina transplanted in the U.S. and a hall famer of Filipino Blog of the Week.

To Ms. Ray, thank you for passing this heartwarming award to me.

So as a recipient of this award I have to write seven things my friends in this blogosphere do not know about me …. I’m quite a secretive person but for this award I am revealing seven.

  1. I have three children, 10 (boy), 5 (girl) and 2 yrs. Old (boy);
  2. Has been married for 11 years to a computer buff husband;
  3. Being a full time mother, I strictly impose a self-declared day-off and that’s every Saturday.
  4. And watch the movie I want on red carpet …. ALONE!
  5. I am a Social Science Instructor for three hours a day, that’s 5-8 every night.
  6. Making pots with my bare hands (pottery making) is my frustration number 1.
  7. I have no religion, but I have sacred philosophies.

And another task is to nominate seven other blogs which I find Kreativ and here’s my magnificent seven in no particular order;

AMINA of It’s My Life
GLENN of Glenn as an Amateur Photographer
GRACIA of Gracia Fashionista
GAGAY of Latest Buzzzz
NURSEABIE of The Sweet Life (My ever Loyal EC Dropper)
BAMBIE DEAR of My Kawaii Prinsesa’s Story
JANUARY of January’s Scraps of Life

And it’s these magnificent seven to write seven things people don’t know about them and nominate also seven others.


  1. Huwow!~ Ayos 2 mama vernz.~ hehe. bukas nalang ult~ Maraming Salamat! ~

  2. congrats vernz. keep on blogging. cheers!

  3. hi verns.. Don't youknow that thisis my first award for this blog? thanks... napansin nimo ko! Grab it today..

  4. hehehe keep blogging Verns

    nice to receive a appreciation of what you doing...

    happy weds..


  5. Hi Vernz, I sure have found out a lot about you. You are such an interesting person. Don't know how you find time to blog along with taking caring of your family, and everything else you do.

    I see you make pottery. In high school I was awarded best art student two years in a a row. The only time I did not get an "A" on my artwork was a piece of pottery I did which earned a "B+" Pottery making was my downfall. Good luck with it, Vernz.

  6. Wow Vernz naa ko award? hehehe timing ako bisita.. salamat au.. i'l grab it. yippee!

  7. thanks for this award and sharing some personal infos about you. I just got confused with the no.7, but i also consider myself having no religion pero im a catholic, hindi lang po ako devoted =)

  8. GAGAY DARLING, you are most welcome ...

    Glenn, magstudy ka muna .. later nalang ipost mo!

    Life, Salamat ... cge earning more power blogging. hahahah!

    Gracia, of course.. you deserve an award .. frequent visitor mo kaya ako!

    Me, Salamat... come again ...

    DAve, are you sure? I've been wanting to do this for a long time, I did not know you you are an awardee on pot making ... heheheh!

    Jan, Of Course you are most deserving! Grab it ha!

    Bambie DEarie ... with no 7, things like that happen, you think more of your options what to believe, I don't believe in God but I believe that there are divine powers behind us all and not necessarily the God of the Christians ... I hope you won't get confused now!

  9. Thanks Vernz!I will grab it later...:)

  10. The Jutra award is for French Canadian films. It is named after Claude Jutra, a Quebec filmmaker. There are various categories such as best actress, best film etc. Best comedian is not a category in these awards.thanks!

  11. I was reminded of the movie "Ghost" when I read No. 6 in your list :P

    Happy blogging, Vernz!


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