After seven days of long wait AIR 21 has finally delivered it. I received my Ponds and my earring prize from UtotMoPink Giveaways this morning.

Mrs. Kolca you may wonder why it took me this long to receive the package, the courier said there’s always nobody in the house, well, there’s always somebody in the house but as you can see our house is quite far from the gate so it has become the alibi of the courier that there’s nobody’s home. We removed the doorbell since some kids outside has been playing prank with it.

Thank you Mrs. Kolca and more power blogging. See you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. pagkatagal-tagal man daw ng delivery, sa gate nyo pa den ang tuloy.. lolz..

    good luck den & more power for you blog sis! :D

  2. hahahah! ganun ba! oo nga.. hehehe! See you again ... and around!

  3. Hi Vernz! Glad you received your Ponds. Maybe I should get some to make more skin softer and prettier, too!

  4. Yippppeee congratulations. I love the hoops earrings.

  5. hello po ate i followed you can you follow me too in this blog CLick

    ehehe thnks by the way i was reading your blog and im soo speechless i don't know what to say but these word "NICE"

    :) keep it up please comment me back ehehe thanks again have a wonderful blesssed and lovely day

  6. Uy Congrats! Ikaw pala nanalo sa contest ni Ms. Kolca :)

  7. Congrats for being a winner.

    More Power to your blogging journey.

  8. As for time - I've been trying to keep my mind occupied as well, but it seems to be very hard to do. If you haven't gotten this stuff done already - perhaps cleaning the place up, packing your hospital bags and making sure you have everything prepped for baby may help to kill some time.


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