I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this fixture beside Banco de Oro under Agdao Flyover, but it was only this afternoon that I had a chance to have a walk that I was able to take this photo.

As you can see this is an old Fire Alarm Box, a true remnant of the old Davao. I wonder if people of Museo Dabaw, a museum run by the city government or Davao Museum another museum run privately by obviously so many sponsors have thought of culling this thing out and safeguard this as a remembrance of how this city has moved from this phase of technology to the present one.

If this material qualifies for archive keeping, then people interested in keeping this kind of stuff should act now or it will be too late to salvage a decayed stuff.

Thank you for taking time to read. See you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Hi Vernz, I have never seen anything like that, it's pretty cool. You sure can dig up the most interesting photos!

  2. Hi Bhavesh, I love your name ... thanks for the drop ... because I think it would be a nice remembrance of how tech evolve.

    Dave, only in Davao... hehehehe! I find it interesting too!

  3. That is a true antique relic and should be preserved. I've not seen one like that and I love old stuff. Nice photo.

  4. weeeeeeeh! wala jud lage naku ni nabantayan..hehe!as soon as i went home,magpapicture ko diri..heheh!

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  5. You are a native of Davao. But if you are a non-residence from the Philippines, manila is a good starting point for a business in the country. My email is within reach,in case you are interested. Good Luck.

  6. If that school still exists then you could pay a visit sometime. Visiting an old school will make you feel nostalgic-memories like highschool crush ng bayan, lunchtime with your bestfriend, that poem you recited in front of the class and algebra problems! You can also thank your teachers.


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