Warning: You should at least know what ‘gender sensitivity’ is all about before judging me regarding my opinion of the next topic.

Note: This is not to discredit those who are believers of this so-called sacred book, The Bible, but I am writing this just for the information of those who just wish to know and as a pure academic talk.

I teach Women’s Literature this term and I’m really glad this term’s batches of students I have are so reactive that one single question consumes the whole hour.

Yesterday, we went to discuss the images of women in Early Christianity, I made it clear at the beginning of the topic that the Bible being our major reference should not be taken as a holy scripture this time but as a Literature so laden with value that can be deduced and interpreted.

I was at the point of presenting concepts about how the Bible has become a funnel in subjugating women when someone from the class raised her hand and said;

You mean maam, for centuries women have been fooled by just saying yes and yes, accept their fate by seating in the backset, by submitting themselves to their husbands without questioning what is written in the Bible.

Then I said, Yes! For the longest time women never question why they never had their names, why is it ideal to just stay home, do laundry, do breakfast for their husbands and tend to their children etc., etc. … (fact is, I majored gender studies in my Masters just to find some ways to get out of this male-dominated society, but the more I resist the more it persist, so I decided to just live the life the way I wanted it to be, who cares!)

You might think that I’m just inventing things or something of that sort, then you can verify it yourself here;

• Titus 2:4-5 – Sober and obedient
• Colossians 3:18 – submissive to their husbands
• 1 Corinthians 11:3 – accept men as their authority figure
• 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 – silent in church

I’m no hard core feminist; it’s just that I am gender insightful, sort of!

Thanks for reading, see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. mmmmm...i beg to disagree te vernz..hehe!! coz as i can see today, more women are dominating than men..super palaban n po ang mga babae ngaun..

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  2. Gagay dear I was presenting it in the context of the Bible ...

    Anyway, I have figured it out .. success hhahah!

  3. Hi Vernz,

    I am a born-again Christian woman. I have another blog :The Living Grace, Philippine Online Magazine for Christian Women. Yes, the Bible says 'wives should submit to their own husbands' in the context of husbands being the head of their family just as Jesus is the Head of the church (Ephesians 5: 22- 24). Submission is given and should not be taken. God Bless.


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