When I wake up this morning my eyes poped-out seeing a big mango on our table, I ask people around where did it come from and they said it’s a gift from a friend of my mom-in-law from Calinan this city, they have a mango farm and they breed, cross-breed, marcot, graft different varieties of mangoes, vocabularies you often hear from people involve with this industry.

I was stunned because the night before I went to sleep I was reading Life Moto’s Blog about a report in Yahoo news runned some days back about a 3.5-kilo mango fruit from Iligan City, some 12 hours bus ride from Davao city northwards, was certified as the world’s biggest by the Guinness Book of World Records.

This mango is Florida in variety which was grown by Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan from that city and surpassed the 2.4-kilo mango from Canada.

The mango that stunned me, but was amazed more by the Guinness Record breaking mango. The big mango is about 1.5 kilos (I was not able to ask what variety is this mango as it was already in our table when I woke up), and the small one is just about half a gram. The mango model is paid P100 a day and is still complaining.

My reckless thoughts began rolling, Oooh! Is this really how far humans had gone? We had surpassed the age of discovery and we are already in the age of mastery, we have mastered technology, biotechnology in this sense that we were able to reengineer nature to our own desire, we accurately have played god altering nature, even have altered life at its most fundamental level.

With this technology people will no longer go hungry, gone were the native mangoes where seeds are bigger than the meat, now you can have seedless on everything, from virtually everywhere available on our grocery shelves.

But then questions loom, Who can access this technology? Can small farmers afford to grow this given anticipated high-priced pesticides and fertilizers?

A lot of radicals would say, our problem on the shortage of food is not the lack of it, but a problem of distributing it.

So in the end, mango is not just a mango that you feed your stomach dipped in whiff salted rotten fish (I just love this stinky rotten fish) but a mango that is politically laden with honors and price.

Let me end this lithany of mine, believe if I say, he who controls the seed controls the food.

Thanks for reading, see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. so big..abot man cguro nag one week ayha mhurot Vernz

  2. wow! that big, so big. never seen that kind of mango, AMAZING WHAT HUMAN CAN DO.

  3. OMG!! Super big! Super mango yan. :) grabe, parang papaya naman.

    KAREN -
    (sorry I have to be anonymous. mobile lang kasi) :)

  4. thats MANNNGGOOO!!! not mango. Funny the model is probably excited for his next mango commercial!!! hehe

  5. CHIE, Salamat sa laag dear... wa diay cyay lami kay sobra na kadako ...

    Faye, This is how far humans had gone.. True!... thanks Faye....

    Karen dear! ganyan na ang manga ngayon nakakalula.... hehehe salamat sa dalaw...

    Haidee, Yes Haids.... hahahah! it doesn't taste good... it's too big, it's good to be eaten manibalang.. Thanks for the drop....

  6. Can I apply as your mango model? :D I can give you 20% discount of my talent fee, LOL!

  7. booooooooohooooooo!!!

    mura na siyag melon!jahaha!!was thinking melon ang!

    te, can u email me?ill tell u how to.

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  8. how is the taste. i'm sure it is not as delicious of the small ones.

    can you send me one :)

  9. ok that's fine, i just added up tons of different emo backgrounds for my blog

  10. wow ang LAKI! ang tawag dyan - MANGGA (deep, loud voice) hehehe...

    i hope u can visit my blogs too...

  11. Odds and Ends, actually that's my son, but if you insist .. we can talk about it... LOL!

    Gagay, Daghan baya ni sa ato dear!

    Life Moto, you sure is right ... walang lasa ... di siya masarap!

    Rey, thanks for dropping by ... yes, Manga!!!! LOL!

  12. Yun nga lang manggang klabaw ay di na masarap what mo elepanteng mango pa yan.

  13. Hi! That's a miracle mango, if I may say!

    My first time here in this interesting blog. I just followed you. Will link you as well.

    Hope to see yah again soon.


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