When I first started blogging some months back, desperate that I was that there’s nobody checking on my blog, I was convinced by so many strategies around on how to drive traffic to your blog, and sign-up here and there and live on to their promise to receive swarm of traffic millions and millions, but after awhile when I get the hang of blogging I realized that those techniques if it actually help, just comprise at least 10% of your blog traffic.

When I started to blogread around and drop quality comments to the articles written by the blog owners that started my traffic to swarm. Comments inspire bloggers that will prod them to visit you back, inspire bloggers to write quality content, inspire bloggers to stay on their computers for longer hours and do more on the internet, and on top of everything you create a network of friends, besides it’s the surest way to create backlink.

If there are favors that some friend bloggers would request of me like to vote, to visit, to support their newly build-up blogs and to participate in whatever blog activity they have, I never falter to comply, this is another way to establishing rapport among bloggers that from time to time a part of the bulk of your traffic.

While there can be various strategies like advertising, PTCs and things of that sort to drive blog traffic in, there’s no effective way of driving traffic than reading content of blogs around, dropping quality comments.

So just don’t bloghop, I encourage bloggers to blogread.


  1. Hi Vernz! Well, you certainly practice what you preach! You always leave some insightful comments on my blog which I appreciate. I'm glad to have a blogging friend like you. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    How true! I'm in that situation right now and that's exactly what I'm doing right now.

  3. hi! thanks for dropping by the salitype page..and yes,one way to get your blog recognized is go around other blogs and leave comments....it's a big push to write quality materials and forges familiarity and friendship with other bloggers.

    by the way, i was looking for those poems you made, can't wait to read them.

    eng of salitype

  4. thanks for your information about that, actually i'm new in blogger world, and i feel the same as you nobody checking on my blog, and i search information about how to drive my traffic and some of information say to blogwalking and visit the other blog,, but you're different.. :D
    your information is very usefull for me.. i'll change my may,,eh not really, but i'll try

  5. This is definitely a good thought on driving traffic and I would agree that it would bring good quality traffic to your blog. The more time you put in the more time you get out of your traffic.

  6. David, my friend I thank heavens for a loyal blog friend in you ...

    Carmen, thanks for dropping by, I never thought this article will help you!

    Eng, I appreciate so much your effort is seeing me back, I'll see you around!

    Restry, you're most welcome, I appreciate it.

    Deal Dad, thanks for dropping by, you sure should try this strategy, it has been mine since I started.

  7. Yes verns your absolutely right...and i am practicing it right now hehehe. Nice post...

  8. Vernz, Amen, Amen, Amen. However, the past weeks I did not have time to blog read. Been busy with preparation for our first garden wedding here at CDM. Hope everything well in Davao. From the GRAND PA blogger, David Katague

  9. Hey. I don't normally leave comments, but I just wanted to say thanks for the great information. I have a blog too, though
    I don't write as good as you do, but if you want to check it out here it is. Thanks again and have a great day!

    Fire Mage PvP

  10. Loveleng, cge marami na tayo ... hahaha!

    Sir David, Wow, had gone to Marinduque Awaits you .. the garden wedding was grand.. hoping to have many more weddings there! Thanks for the drop...

    Anony, Thanks for the drop, just practice writing, you'll get a hang of it in no time at all.. thanks for dropping by!

  11. that is blogging all about, passion of what you do. so some people thought is just an instant magic. unless you are willing to pay for the ads.

    btw thank for following. :)

  12. hello verns, i am a newbie :) and i am thankful that I met you along the way :) sakto jud ka ani nimu nga post :) hehehe


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