When I was young my parents would ask me, what I want to become when I grow up? I can’t remember what exactly my answers were but I figured it out while seeing and knowing things around that I wanted to be become a teacher.

I call this social technologies or social know-hows that continue to serve a great role in the organization of our society, our parents were the first agents to have these technologies passed to us, how to become a cook, how to clean the CR, how to eat pineapple, etc. etc.

But as society becomes complex we came to specialize certain fields of learning and doing, like how to become an actor, how to become a plumber, a graphic designer, etc. Social templates, or guides on how to become now are being professionalized and is readily available online.

I came to browse this site and I swear you will find everything you need on becoming what you want in this society, name it from A to Z. or if you know something how to become what then you also can submit your articles and share what you know.


  1. whew!!!

    seryoso lage ta diri te..hehhe!by the way te vernz, i wont forget ur treat hahaha sa ako sa eden..hehe..il go home..libre libre libre!LOL!naremmber lng nku!

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  2. Ayaw saba kay nangwarta pa ko heheheh! thanks gagay dear!

  3. hello, i am having a contest, hope you can join .


  4. Vernz, as for me, I can clearly remembered what I draw in my workbook back in Grade 2 on what I want to become... and that is a HOUSEWIFE. My teacher laughed at me then. But now, I realize that it is no shame, that I really wanted to become a HOUSEWIFE come I am already married and have children.

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