I had this picture taken some years back when I was conducting my ethnographic research for my masters paper on the community of Dulanan Manobo in the mountains of Sultan Kudarat, so let off the technicalities of the quality of the picture as it has been edited-reedited so many times. Luckily, I had a flat one for this paper, excuse my lifting of my own chair, but that’s the truth. LOL!

These people traditionally make use of horses to draw their produce to the market, but the rise of modern transport system is inevitable, it has penetrated even the remotest area just 5 cents to heaven. For Anthropologists, this is not a welcome idea though, but whether these people resist it or not, this phenomenon has pervaded and has change the way people live there.

Oh yeah! We complain so much about our transport system, but this photo might let you think once more you are far more lucky you got to ride a jeepney safer than riding a motorcycle turned horse or a horsed motorcycle whichever!

Thanks for dropping by in this side of town.


  1. this is so true, we are so lucky to have jeepneys, cabs and the like. i even felt luckier when i moved here to the US coz we own a vehicle as it is a necessity. but when i had my recent vacation in the Phils., i appreciate jeepneys and cabs so much. :) u don't have to drive, u just sit comfortably and let the driver take care of the rest. :)

    btw, thanks for adding me vernz. im a follower and regular reader of ur blog as well. see yah around!

  2. hanggat hindi pa flat ang gulong ng motor kaya pang magsakay... kc ganyan sa aming baryo noong kunti pa ang motor...andun na sa manibela ung

  3. ito ba yung tawag ay habal habal? just heard that word from a visayan friend. it more safer than riding an fx with may nakatotok sa tagiliran mo :)

  4. Jenn, thanks for dropping by I have added you to my links already.

    Hyanne, tama ... amaze lang ako kung paano enexploit ng tao ang technology, tama lang ginawa nila... LOL!

    Life, correct, habal-habal ang tawag dito ... thanks for dropping by.

  5. Yes, I need not to complain. I had practiced even a habit of not frowning when there's heavy traffic.

  6. It's really amazing how they accommodate all those big sacks of produce and multiple passengers on that simple motorcycle. The lady passenger is already sitting on the lap of the lucky driver. Oh wow!

    Fantastic shot, Vernz!

    Thanks for dropping by. Did you say you're coming over to Manila? Or you already here? Anyhow, 'hope you have a great time! Take care!

  7. MinnieMadz, ooowww, that's a very good face exercise you use more muscles when you frown than when you smile, so smile nalang!

    Beng, yes that's life in the middle of the mountain, they manage to cope, no worries ...

    It will be a week after next pa!

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  10. yeah, i agree with you, we are so lucky to have this kinda easy transport, motorcycle and car, in our life,

  11. Hi Vernz, a lot of people use these motorcycles to transport people and other items, but yes, I, the kano, prefer the jeepney or a tricycle for the shorter haul. Except they don't make those jeepneys big enough for a kano like me, but it's still fun riding them.


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