I romanticize the idea of freezing moments of just about anything around, I really love this craft and my expertise in this field is a work in progress, I am constantly in search for expert’s notes to help me enhance this unpolished skill of mine.

Lighting is one most core factor of photography that can make or break your photo, good perspectives in using light will result to a great exposure and if you want to know more about how lighting is being played in the aspect of photography, the internet is an excellent depository of knowledge when it comes to this subject, you will really not get lost with professional how-to help.

In fact I stumble on this article Playing with light when taking a photo outside your home, this article is an excellent read when you want to know how to play with numbers in your camera to acquire appropriate lighting for a good photo or if you want to know how to add a fill light when taking a photo the easy way this article is just perfect.

The features are well written and the authors indeed are well knowledgeable of the subject, and have explained it the way an amateur like me can understand it, thus it is very useful for beginners or even for professionals who wants a review. Overall, it is a must read if you are honing your skills in photography.


  1. Very nice thoughts...
    Not often read but this time I do inspired of reading it...
    Just because the word "lighting" it´s just really positiv for me who had not seen light since nov... I think...?

    Lovely photos...just imagine of being in that fancy place...

    Keep in up and regards to your family....


  2. Hi Khim, thanks for taking time to drop by ... and thanks also for the compliment ..

    All the best to your family too!


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