I ran over this article in on Celebrities Love Tattoos, this article talks about how Hollywood celebrities have adorned their bodies with tattoos and their influences to their fans and how media has picked this up that creates a trending stream.

The author has presented sufficient information on understanding why celebrities put on tattoos and it’s quite satisfying to read, and has constructed this piece well that I don’t find flaws grammatically and that the writing style is acceptable, I don’t dwell in rigid writing styles though as different authors have different strokes in writing and I give due credit to this author for this own writing style.

It’s quite clever for him/her to think about this subject and to me it is significantly interesting to know different celebrities having to put on different skin decorations.

I’m in agreement with the author that celebrities really have that great influence towards their fans and what they see from their idols they too follow suit. Thus the author made a good point in presenting this concept. Overall, this article is acceptable as a read.

Celebrities truly have tremendous impact on the choices and preferences of those who are faithfully following them, thus trends are at all times influenced by celebrities and tattoos or designer tattoos as what they call it, are one of them. All of our body parts are given it is only through this art that you can add or change what is given.


  1. OO nga Vernz, they reaaly influence the fans. di lang sa celebrites even from the sports icons. Feeling kasi look like them and stand out like the champ. But if i am going to have a tatoo I prefer it on my chest and name of my sweetheart :)

  2. Wow! feel ko love mo talaga si sweetheart ... ako snake around my body tapos ang head ng snake sa _____ banda ...LOL...jowk onli!!!

  3. tatoo is painful but it is an art yup I agree vernz celebrities do have strong influence to their fans I wanted to have a tatoo in my cheek funny it would be in the right side would be tom and in the left will be jerry hehehe

  4. i appreciate some tattoos on celebrities and other people but i dont like to have one. :) it must be very painful, ouch! haha!


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