Our internet DSL connection was installed some three years ago, but it was only about five months ago that I got interested in blogging, least I realized I will be finding new friends here.

I have some friends who blog then and I really can’t understand at first the adrenalin that runs along with them every time they talk about blogging, but it was when I started doing it myself that I got hook to it, that sometimes my husband really can’t get it letting him stop in the middle of the road just so I can take pictures of some strange things that interest me.

Having all these conveniences and inconveniences of blogging, what can be more rewarding than receiving a badge of recognition from your friends around here …… And I’m proudest having this badge… it’s A BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER Award from my friend, a pinay transplanted in Malaysia, Loveleng of Chronicle of An Inconsistent Mom. Thanks Loveleng for passing to me another badge of inspiration.

Accepting this award would mean letting you know seven things about myself? Hmmmmmmmmm.
1. OC
2. coffeeholic
3. tea addict
4. frustrated painter
5. budding potter
6. trying hard blogger
7. dedicated mother

Oh, got only five people in my mind which I truly feel they are beautiful blogger and I’m passing this badge to them (in no particular order)

Gagay my lab of Pinoy MD 



  1. oh im flattered to be included on the list. thanks vernz.

  2. thank you very much Vernz. it is my 2nd from your home. my great pleasure to be part of your davao's journey!

  3. linking u back my friend.


  4. Jenn, you deserve it ... all the best ...

    Life, thanks for being my loyal blog friend ... all honors goes to you as well.

    Maritz, thank you for accepting... i'll see you often ..

  5. We're almost the same, except for #1 (I'm a slob) and #3 (coffee and coke are my poisons of choice, not tea). If you live in CdO, we should get together and do something about #s 4 and 5.


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