I’m real happy today, sorry for my Imeldific tendency but I have bought another pair of shoe again, sad to say I only have two feet and I cannot wear them altogether LOL! But this post is not about the shoe. It’s about another badge of friendship in this sphere. I’m talking about this Sweet Friends badge passed to me by January of January’s Scraps of Life.

This is not I think a very nice venue to air my sentiments regarding my physical networks but all of my friends in this physical space have all gone out of this country, and I’m just thankful that blogging became a trend and I have found my new networks here and one of them is January.

To January, thank you dear for this badge. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Accepting this award will let me tell you ten things that make me happy…… Hmmmmm so here they are in no particular order.

My Children
Self-declared day-off
Thai massage
Last leaf of the book I read
Tall Macchiato

And I’m passing this badge of happiness to:

CARMS of Carms Page
MINNIEMADZ of Not So Personal

Thanks for dropping by everyone ….. see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Hehehe pareho pala tayo ng passion. I don't know what there's something about shoes. When i am still working i make it a point that every payday i have one pair of shoes kahit hindi quality hehehe. And you're right now that we're here(bagong salta) i let opportunity just let by pass at my face dahil sa mga bata.Haaaay naku vern kung alam lang nila. But maybe this is what life made of for mother like us sana paglaki nila alam nalang nila mga sacrifies naten. And I am so grateful that blogging was invented sometimes kasi i got depressed because of my new situation here pero pag nakakabasa ng something like this i was back on my feet again. Di pala ako nagiisa.madami tayong mother hehe. Mas mahaba litanya ko no hahaha LOL. So glad to know you... by the way thanks for the badge... my first to have it and it was a nice feeling to have it...Gid Bless.

  2. Hi Love .... Check ka diyan... nyahahahah! kung habaan ko pa essay na... LOL!

    Thanks for the drop.

  3. You're welcome Vernz! and you deserve it! mwah!

  4. hi vernz this is entirely unique and nice. Happy Valentines day and Happy Chinese New Year too you.

  5. Hi Vernz! thanks u for passing the badge of happiness to me...I'm touched..:) May you have the bests in life...Happy Valentines to u and your family..

  6. Happy Valentines Day, Vernz!Thanks for this, unya na nako ni igrab.Matulog sa ko.

  7. January, Salamat dear! I appreciate it very much!

    jhownie, All the best to you and your family ... Hope I have shared happiness ...

    A.M.I.N.A dear.... xa sige katulog na, meme na ..LOL! Salamat darling!

  8. hi sis, close na yung baby wearing something red but you can join the special awards for moms, just be my blogs follower and fill up the form found at Babiesandcontets Site to qualify.

    You can still join my blogging contest, mechanics can be found sis sa blog ko,

    thank you. take care.

  9. Thanks for passing the happiness :D

  10. Hi dear, na post na nako.Thanks kaayo ha.


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