After several days of crying a river over a 20-episode Korean Drama, Sad Love Song, starred Kim Hee Sun, I finally shed off my last drop of tear, which most often than not people in the house would end up teasing me why cry over people you don’t know? (Well, just in case you are also a drama addict like me check this site.)

I just feel that connection towards the characters of the drama that I’m watching thus every time the show ends I also end up wiping my eyes with tears, and on some occasions where drama plots are so heavy I sometimes find myself sob as hard as the actor.

Having this kind of emotional set back I began to question, why do we cry? What is it in crying that sometimes get us drained and sometimes make us light?

When you cry you are actually providing an emotional punctuation to the content of what you are saying and feeling. You shed tears silently as an emphatic reaction to the movie or scene that you are seeing. And when you cry in concurrence with something that you are saying or expressing, the tears bring about the depth of your feelings, be it sadness, frustration, happiness, even anger that is contained in your words.

Your tears can be used as an aid to read your own emotional message clearly and may help you understand more precisely the content of your personal message that is most hurtful, painful, the most miserable or the happiest to you.

For someone to be experiencing grief, unacceptable or improper behavior, or you are embarrassed or you were busted by someone you really like, or more so broken marriages, or just feeling extremely happy and you feel emotional outburst and you just can’t help but cry, do it out loud, just let the tears flow, and just remember to keep an absorbent handkerchief handy.

Just let the tears flow. Thanks for reading and see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. I'm afraid I erroneously entered a comment I'm just starting to make. Anyway, please just ignore it if ever.

    Anyway, I was about to say that I easily cry too when watching TV soap or drama movies more so if I can relate to the story.

    Have a great weekend Vernz!

  2. Hahaha am very emotional too i hate it when I cry hahaha...I agree with you girl letting our tears flow is like letting our heartaches blown away. Its good to cry...they said its a heart exercise. Anyways nawala jug kos akong pc for 3 days na hack gyud xa ni ginamos lol but protected na krn wla nay spyware lol

  3. Ooh, were basically the same, kaya lagi akong tinatawanan ni hubby. Thanks sis for offering your help at yousaytoo, the contest has just conclude last feb. 9 and my BabiesandContest site was lucky to be included. I am having a blogging contest, I hope you can join too.

    it's open for all.

    Thank you much.

    by the way, i followed you, hope you can follow me too.

  4. Beng, Thanks for dropping by ... it's actually one of my excuses to have that op to cry when I'm hurting ..LOL!

    Emyat...sweetie .... mao diay day! ang ginamosa jud na hahahahah! salamat sa duaw oi!

    Hello Ms. Melandria... yes thanks for the invitation, sige follow ako ... Thanks again..

  5. Well, you are not alone :D Remember Stairway to Heaven (the original one)? I had a bucketful of tears then.

    linked all of your blogs :)


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