Yeah that’s what we have been experiencing in side of town. Davao City is experiencing two hours of rotating brown-outs everyday and the schedule really made me awful, having to fan yourself and a walking shirtless toddler around and what is more disgusting brownout schedule lands on the time slot I’m suppose to be sitting on my swivel bloghopping.

And after all the sweating and the eternal swinging of fans, (I bought four big ones, my son call it anti-brownout tool, if that’s what he thought then go!) what can a SAHM do? A chronic fan of this ceaseless hehephoray show me, got to sit back and munch Nova with Coke, that while laughing along with the out-this-world outfits of my son’s idol Pokwang, a crawling text read …… There will be a water interruption from bla to bla …. Like 20 hours of not even a single drop of water, that while writing this post am still scratching my head … ‘walang paligo!’

Made me think of some extreme measures … what? … Yes, I’m buying a tank tomorrow, that silver tank outside the hardware I passed by everyday …. Yeah! You won you got my bucks tomorrow …. And on top of everything extra effort to be cautious not to contact any disease brought about by this circumstances and the hardest part? I cannot see my enemy.

Thanks for reading some rants in this side of town.


  1. Hi, I blogged about brown-out too. But we're more fortunate here in Manila 'coz we have about 1 hour and a half brown-outs but not everyday.

  2. nice reflection light on your curtain, im thinking if it will burn being so close to the light hehhee...

  3. this does not sound good! i could imagine how hot and muggy it would be without power. grrr! hope they will do something about it kay summer na bya.

  4. Carmen, thanks for dropping by, the local authorities here said it will still continue... arggh...

    Siromade08, i hope not ... knock on wood! hehehe!

    Hi Jenn, thanks sis for dropping by .... see you again ...


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