We waited in fans for two hours for my aunt to finally show her face from the sea of people coming out of the airport hall. I was expecting for an aunt that is older, some traces of wrinkled history in her face, wrinkled eyelids, for it was already about 20 years that I have not seen her having stayed in the US for that long, thus we waited for two hours since I did not recognize her, she was there waiting for us all along.

She really had transformed herself 30 years younger than her age of 70, her wrinkles gone. She finally revealed that she had a Botox Injections, her quest to erase all the traces of history in her face is not an easy course, although she knew all along, being a nurse, of the dangers of Botox Injections still she pursued with her quest to look younger.

I have heard of this treatment many times over, there were who said it is good there were who said it is not and one thing is sure there are Possible side effects of Botox injections, this feature is very informative, it tackles issues and concerns relating to being treated with this injection. Who should and should not receive this injection. The article is well written and quite an absorbing read and the writer made accurate statements making it very useful for those who wanted to know more about this subject.

But did you ever ask yourself; is cosmetic surgery a good thing or a bad thing? Why do women quest for beauty, youth, sex and transformation? I stumble on this article and it explains why? An extremely useful read that embark on history, culture, popular culture and its enormous influence to women young and old who have gone too far in reconstructing their bodies, their faces to the point of harming themselves all for the quest of unattainable beauty. This article is written in academically styled manner though, but it is very sharp in bringing a real significance to the reader’s interest.

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  1. hi Maritz, thanks for dropping by ....

  2. hi vernz sayang dili na gyud ko ka serve sa election but my plan is to have an adventure that day since every election I'm always in action at least now I will see the scene outside the room hehehe

  3. beauty does come with a price. for this case, some cash and health risks :-D


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