I took this so early in the morning when the first ray of sun kissed the morning dew.

Although this flower is known to be a native to South and Central America, I wonder how this has grown so bushy in my late father-in-law’s grave …. Oh, I remember it now; my goody-bitchy mom-in-law planted it there.

Yellow Bell, Golden Trumpet, Buttercup Flower, or Allamanda (Allamanda cathartica) is a genus of tropical shrubs or vines belonging to the dogbane family.

Thanks for dropping by everyone. See you again for another experience in this side of town.

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  1. What a beautiful flower! I love the deep yellow color...Christine

  2. very nice flower.. i like it because of its bright yellow color! :D

  3. So that's what they call those flowering plants. You took a really great shot!

  4. oh so refreshing!!! very beautiful shot!

  5. Nice one Vernz! Its very pretty!

  6. Your flowers looks lovely and the drop of water adds the freshness of the flower.

  7. Napunta ako dun sa kabila hehehe..

    Love that bouganvilla (tama ba?)

    My not-so-watery entry, happy St. Patrick's day!

  8. @Xinex, thanks for dropping by and for taking to comment..

    @Mrs. Kolca .. hi sis...marami kasi kahit saan lang tumutubo...

    @Carmen. hi sis,, yes.. yellow bells,,

    @JBar thanks JBar for dropping by...

    @Nuts, true, very refreshing indeed, seems like the flowers are drinking water..

    @vivapinay thanks sis for dropping by..

    @shydub .. thanks for dropping by ... and for the comment.

    @Chubskulit... ok lang dear ... Di ko alam anong ginawa sa St. Patricks Day. LOL!

  9. We have a lot of alamanda here in Malaysia as well. Great shot, indeed!

  10. ayay! ka pretty kaau.....murag basa galing ni sa ulan da..ehehhehe!

  11. in a few weeks time, we'll be seeing more pretty flowers like this here in teh U.S. since it's spring time na. i luv this shade of yellow, so calming and sweet!


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