According to an online dictionary, spectacles or eyeglasses are optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision, eye protection, and a defense against UV rays when you are wearing the colored ones, this is suppose to be the most obvious meaning of why a person wears eyeglasses. But analyzing the inherent meaning of wearing one goes beyond its tangible significance.

When I was in college I really envy those classmates of mine having eye wear that made them looks so genius, I asked my then mother to have me prescribed one, but then the optometrist would always in opposition that why wear one when there is nothing to correct, in short got a perfect vision. I probably been eating my yellow food stuff right, that until today that desire of mine was unfulfilled.

Eye wears are not just material thing you put on your nose and enjoy clear vision and see filtered things around when you're under a hot, sunny day, it also made up an identity of a person. Who doesn’t know Boy Abunda of Philippine entertainment, take off his eye wear and he’s not the Boy you used to see anymore, Ryan Agoncillo has a ‘boy next door’ image when not in glasses, but looks so damn good-brilliant executive in glasses, Betty La Fea is one classic example that eye wears can make or break a person’s identity and the long list continues.

Until today, I am factually convinced that eating my yellow food made me dispossessed of that genius identity I long for through wearing eyeglasses.


  1. Well, I wear glasses constantly these days because the astig-- (-matism) must be treated. Do I look like a genius?

  2. What a nice post !! I agree with you on this !!Unseen Rajasthan

  3. @Carmen ... maybe if you have the black framed jackieO type....hahaha! thanks carmen for dropping by...

    @Unseen Rajasthan, thanks for dropping by and for taking to comment.

  4. i wear glasses too, with solid frames and it makes people take me seriously ::lol::

    hey,I've got an award for you! Please come and pick it up here


  5. Hi fickleinpink, thank you very much dear... that's so sweet of you ... grab it ...


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