Call it my Holy Week penitence or what (too trivial), don’t judge me for that, LOL, spent quite a lot of time tweaking the inside of this blog …..

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO TRANSFER THAT POSTS (RSS) COMMENTS (RSS) at the top of my header? To somewhere else at the butt or side bar of this blog?

Sorry guys just me, the OC me, … Have I known it I could taken my computer subject before seriously … waaaah! Gone Crazy!

Thank you.!


  1. ha ha, i thought it was something more serious. but it is so irritating i know to be so helpless when it comes to these templates thingies! so goodluck and i hope somebody out there can help you :-)

  2. ooopps! sorry te Vernz can't help you jugo-ins au ko about ani.. hehehe

  3. hi! ayaw ba pag drag lang ng gadget box to the side? :( i know you may have tried it pero bago lang ako, yun lang alam ko e hehe.

  4. isn't that a widget only sis? can't be dragged?

  5. Dinah, wala kasi siya sa gadget box... hindi siya makita.... waaahhhh!

    Jan, sus, me too oi... jugo din ... hahahahah!

    Mommy Katsy.... wala lagi gadget box ....

    Mrs. Kolca.... I cannot see the widget sis ... ewan ko paano yan ..

    My sisterhood thank you for dropping by ...

  6. Pinakamadali gawin Ateh eh idelete mu na lang xa -- punta ka sa HTML area mu , then look for the code ng Post (RSS) or Comment (RSS) para madali CTRL+F then type Post (RSS) o kahit alin sa dalawa..then makikita mu ung code para jan, ganito code makikita mu
    Comments RSS


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