Back in the early 80’s when this group MENUDO has raved the world with their music, I am one of those who have gone gaga collecting all their albums. The ‘Explosion’, ‘Please be good to me’ fever was like a national anthem that made adult and teens during the heyday get some sort of connection.

But lately, news has been spreading like wild fire about casting some doubt Is Ricky Martin gay? On a personal level, I really don’t care if he’s gay or not, come-on people, everybody is entitled to his/her own choice of sexuality. If he admits, which he actually did, I just felt for him how he was able to free himself from some personal chains that letting him hold back his true choice of sexuality. If he’s happy and gay, go Ricky Martin, I’m an advocate of whatever rights you and your fellow homos will be fighting for.

Some show business analysts say his admittance will surely affect this career. I know this society if so limiting, but I think this kind of gender bias should be trodden down and honor each one’s choices.


  1. At last umamin din cya. it's really a torture not to be true to ones self and pretend what you are not.

  2. I read that on the ticker tape line on CNN yesterday.

    Thanks for stopping by my Wednesday blog!!!

  3. @ Sam, true... at last ... thanks for dropping by dear!

    @ Anni, thanks also for taking time to write a comment .. all the best..

    @ Mrs. Kolca .... sssshhhh making such bucks out of this heheheeh!

  4. Oh MY! This is big news to me. He WAS such a hunk!

    Oh well, this is the world. It's not perfect and we are entitled to our own choices.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    All the Best,


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