Google eats up a lot of my time searching the answer to my question:

What is the difference between putting/listing all my links in the Blog Roll/List and putting/posting my links like a regular blog post like as it appears in MY LINKS?

I’m just bothered … I’m no techy so can somebody generous enough who know the answer and share it to me, so I can have a good night sleep. LOL!

Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. Hi Vernz;) I look forward to the comments as I'd like to know this as well. Good to see you. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo (Sudan)

  2. Hi Vernz,

    Hope you had a good night rest already :)

    actually there's no difference between the two, they are both links and the search engine (google, yahoo, bing) will treat them the same BUT...yes there's a big but...'s the other side:
    1. the difference is, links on your blog roll are always in the front of your page ...very obvious isn't :D . readers can easily see them unlike those inside your posts or pages.

    2. now, technically, if your home page has a PR3, then you are sharing more PR juices than if your link posts or pages has less PR.

    got it? let me know if you want more deeper explanation ( i'm just worried that I'll make you dizzy :) )


  3. Aww, I myself couldn't answer that. I'm no techie as well. Good thing that eric here answered it for us. :)

    Lots of love,

  4. Hey, I'm no techy either. I read the comment of Eric and perhaps he answered your question. Did he?

  5. I dont know either.. good thing Eric answered. Thanks Blogdemanila..

  6. Hi vernz! I think the reason is for popularity? ? ?

  7. Just like what Eric said, they are the same. Links on pages or posts are treated just as those placed on your sidebar.

    But the reality of the situation is, you are losing a lot of your PR juice to other blogs and in the long run if your blogroll will reach over a hundred, you will LOSE a little of your PR or entirely.

    Another "but," since Google Algorithm is way beyond exact comprehension, there are times you wouldn't lose your PR but generally experienced by the masses, it will eventually.

  8. Glad to be of help :)

    thanks for putting "Blog De Manila" on one of your Must See Site. It's an honor.


  9. difference. Whether you post it as links on a post or placing them on your sidebar is the same.
    But if you're linking to a lot of pages which have lesser PR than yours, then you will lose your PR eventually.

  10. i dont know, too so ii can;t be of help hahaha

  11. If you will put them, the link inside a post, for example, my blog name is fickleminded, if someone search that word, your POST with fickleminded links will show up first on search engine even if I'm the blogroll.That's the reason why advertisers prefer to pay for a post rather than a text link in most homepage.

  12. I forgot also if you're blogroll have more than 100 links, Google might think that you are a spam blog.
    100 links on a blogroll is bad for your blof while 100 links in your post is good.

  13. I am no techy too. by the way check out

  14. This is what I discovered recently though you and the other old time bloggers might already knew this.

    The link in your widgets/homepage (whether it is in your blogroll or not ) will be multiplied to the number of your pages (and/or number of post) . Meaning, if you have 100 posts and 5 pages and 50 links in your blogroll alone, you are giving out 5250 links, 105 links per blogroll entry. If you have at least a PR 3 site, then the links you are giving out are really juicy ;)

    While the links in your post or in your pages (other than the homepage) will only count 1.

    You can use an outgoing and incoming link checker tool to verify :)

  15. I don't have any idea about this. Glad that it is already answered by some bloggers, now I also got some info about it not the juice. hehehe.


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