We had our Educators’ Day ended with a big bang the other night, not with a bomb literally but with gay students presenting their SRO-type performance. That was the only time I got up of my chair and cheered for these ‘happy-and-gay’ as what they called themselves students of ours. I’m glad our school community is not homophobic or they’ll be banned from entering the campus. The song rendition imitating Beyonce, this Korean girl group was very entertaining I wonder where these young people get their energy for such a strenuous feat.

But the most highlighted part was when this old gray-haired lady in our campus was interviewed by one of the students, it was a talk-show type interview and every time this respected figure in our campus spew out words everybody got to listen to her wisdom … one of the questions thrown was … What is your beauty regimen that even at 70 you still look 20 years younger than your age? I cannot forget her answer …. Looked at the student interviewer straight to her eyes and said ….

I use for my lips truth, I use for my voice kindness, I use for my eyes compassion, I use for my hands charity, I use for my figure uprightness, I use for my heart love, I use for those who do not like me prayer…..

No amount of jars and pots and tubes and cubes of beauty products can measure up her strategy to beauty …. I remember I have read this somewhere, but even then she truly lives with the word that she spoke that’s why we really give all our senses every time she speaks …

Thanks for reading, see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. What wonderful wisdom that woman has! Funny, but oh so true! Wonderful blog post!

  2. Hi Carmen, thanks for dropping by, yes, me too learned a lesson that night!

    Dinah, so true right? thanks for taking time to write a comment.

  3. Arvin, kaibigan salamat sa dalaw.. pagpalain ka!

  4. Wow I was impressed by her words..very inspiring!

  5. nice one Sis..thanks for sharing! amping diha kanunay! I miss visiting my friends in Davao last out of time na pud!
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