This is already a stalled post but I really have to.

My apologies to January of January’s Scraps of Life and Faye of My Life in Holland for just posting this award now.

But I am truly thankful to both of you for giving importance to my existence in this blogosphere. Awww. I’m gonna cry…… and as always recognitions like this make one go one and do more …. Thank you lovely ladies!

Another 7 things about me?
Chronic karaoke singer
Koreanovela Addict
Has a mind of a pomo
Mathematically challenged
Love the bear that live in the hundred acre wood
Willie of Fortune Chronic watcher
Durian gobbler

I’m passing this badge of inspiration to my new friends;

Jhownie of Jhownie's Haven


  1. hi verns ive done this one already. this is my link. http://www.jennlord.com/2010/02/beautiful-blogger-award.html

    i think it was you and another friend of mine who actually gave me this award, :)

  2. Hi verns! thanks for the award. I really appreciate it and it's an honor. i have been given by this award already in my other blog proudmommyandwifey.blogspot.com. i'll just add u there as one of the givers. Keep well and have a nice day:).


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