I’ve had enough headaches lately wondering why all of my photos have duplicate file folders, I never tweak the software side of my laptop since I hate it having to spend time fixing it after the trouble is done, but it annoys me even more having to see multiple copies of one folder in the same drive. Can somebody tell me why such a phenomenon, if I may call it that, happen?

I’m no techy momma, knowing the basics are just what are important for now. But near saint (nyahaha, sorry dear for the words) hubby would always prod me to go beyond what I just know and learn more, huh! So toxic …. But I’m into this already so my choice would be to go forward.

I’m now convince of the thesis that computers are masculine by gender, they are suppose to be a help to solve your problems, but half the time they become your problem. Ah… Oh! I forgot, the greatest invention of all time after antibiotics is here to help me, it just amaze me how internet makes life a little lighter. Finding software to eliminate all those duplicate files folders is just a click away and indeed been extremely successful in getting rid of that space-eating crap. I’m relieved to know I’m improving my tweaking skills …


  1. I may try your suggestion. I dread having duplicated files esp photos that take much space.
    Have a great day:)

  2. Use Ccleaner Ateh Vernz to clean ur cache, browsing session after logging-out...


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