Heard of Obama syndrome? We too in this part of the country are meted out by this symptom. I wonder what change these people are talking about. By the looks of it, seems like only people in power is set to be changed by this extravaganza. So long as this political system of ours will not go through radical change, as in change, like adopting a neo political system, think of a combination of socialism-communism and democratic system, I don’t think change is set to happen.

Apologies for these reckless rants of mine, I just can’t help it, politicians in this city …… same old rotten crap, recycled, reuse ….. Come-on tra-pos (traditional politicians), relinquish your chair and give chance to the young ones, the first-timers, alternate names (ewwww politicians surname…lu-ud na kaayo (loathsome).

Thanks for reading some crap rants in this side of town.


  1. I agree ate Vernz! Palitan na ang mga TRA-PO!

    Happy Monday..

    MYM Macro Croton Flower
    MYM Banana

  2. Hahaha! I feel the same with all those propaganda that rarely come true, Vernz.
    Btw, while I was walking to the bank just a few minutes back, I found fallen dried fruits of Rachapruk under the blooming trees on my way . So bigay mo na address mo sakin at lalo nating papagandahin ang Mindanao, hehehe! Isali mo ako magpalaki ng seedlings at pag-uwi ko jan December or summer next year baka pwede na itanim, o di vah? Yan ang blogging friendship symbol natin at mapipilitan din akong magpasyal sa magandang Davao. O di kaya ikaw ang papasyal sa Gensan, oks lng ba?

  3. I know what you mean. When bayani was mmda chairman, he hated billboards, but now that he is a candidate, you see his face on a big billboard in south superhighway. And there are his posters too! I dont know what about this election that turn people/candidates into hypocrites!

  4. Nice one Vernz.
    Enjoy the weekdays.

  5. Change is what Philippines need.Change...meaning change all these "trapos".To hell with those corrupt politicians.Our country is rich in natural resources, IF ONLY we have honest politicians...what to do, whoever is elected is using their power for their self interest.Tama na ,Sora na, Palitan Na.

  6. Yes! Change can mean for the better or for the worse! It is good to know what kind of change!

  7. Kay VERNZ ako, hehehe tama na, tigilan na, palitan na ang mga trapo...

    Nice post my dear Vernz,

  8. Grabe feel na feel ko ang ranting ni Maam Vernz hangang US hehehehe. Hay naku politika dyan sa pinas at dito sa US halos pareho lang. Thanks for the visit!

    Bird or chicken?
    Macro Monday~ The bud

  9. This reminds me of my favorite quotes:

    "Everybody wants to change humanity but nobody wants to change himself." ~Tolstoy

    I pray that in the coming election, truth and justice prevail.

    Mrs. M

  10. Dapat palitan at dapat tanggalin ang mga walang wenta para umayos ayus naman ang kapaligiran hahah... Anyway here is my daffodils enrty. C yah!

  11. I can't agree more, Vernz! :)

  12. change needs to be from within not from other people :)

    u may view mine here

  13. I hope the Philippines will have a change, too, Vernz, a change for the better. I am afraid that our change in America has not been a good one as far as I am concerned.


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