Awww, it’s so sad another school year has ended, another batch of students have to say goodbye. I really love this batch of students I have under my Women’s Literature class, I have written quite a number of articles regarding them in my previous posts.

I’m really challenged to take learning to further heights if my students are responsive. In our last session, one student asked me, maam, what can your last words be to us? I jokingly said, why do I look like I have to depart from this world and you are letting me say my last words? Being this a literature subject, I said …. Just read, read, read and read, I said it so, because at one point this certain student felt so down why he can’t articulate well and others can. And I told him, it’s because they read a lot, that’s why they know and talk a lot.

The internet provides countless articles that you can splurge on whenever you need it, there is Article Alley , Xomba, Article City etc, etc, where you can find good reads to mull over.

This is a vice I have spent quite a lot of money and still be spending more. I love that way how Dr. Seuss said it …. That the more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.


  1. Hi teacher...i'm glad knowing you here...thnx for this article, i'm inspired to read, read and read... wish you'l visit my site too

  2. Very good piece of advice you gave to your students: Read, read and read...
    Miss teaching Literature, Vernz! Maybe we can meet in the future:) You're teaching college?

  3. Shyle, you should my dear .... but remember not all reads are good reads .... sort them out.... thanks for dropping by ...

    Nice A, Yes maam, part-time teacher, full-time mother .... LOL!..thanks for dropping by..

  4. Ilike to to Read,because its can add our knowledge
    Thanks its nice articles..
    Good Luck for you


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