…. Is not spared with this opportunist, space opportunist politicians, who wants to get every voters attention, I read this letter frames everyday as I pass through it to work, do I need to mention the name?

For those who are familiar with Philippine politics this circus is no novel to the Filipinos. The May 2010 presidential elections holds too many promises of change to the populace of this country, I’m making my fingers crossed, looking forward to these changes that since the first time I exercised suffrage were already the mantra of these politicians. What change had these people in power had done to make the lives of the people in the grassroots better? Or do I really need these people to make my life better?…. Your answer is as good as mine.

See more of world's beautiful skies here.


  1. overboard? it's a lovely sky, pity there's an eyesore in the way.

  2. Nice and cool Vernz.
    Great shot.

    Happy weekend.

  3. Ah, politics! They are everywhere, aren't they? We surely have more than our share here and no one is ever pleased it seems! But you sky is a beautiful blue anyway and that helps! Thanks for your visit/comment, always appreciated! Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. The sad answer to your question, "Do we really need them to make our lives better?" is 'Yes, we need them to run our government because without governance the Philippines, as a country, will not move'. But No, we don't need them to make our OWN lives better.

  5. grabeh na jud si Villar! hahahaha.. over na jud..

  6. I think ur just campaigning for Villar..hahhaa nice shot my dear vernz...Just vote for what u think is best in position, vote me hahhaha.

  7. naku, pati antenna di pinatawad... grabeh naman yan!

  8. Definitely it is summer time there you've got a very beautiful blue sky and I see villar sign too hehehe. Thanks for the visit Vernz I do appreciate it!

    The Sunset

  9. walang patawad si villar dah. :)

  10. @ Photo Cache, true! you hit it right!

    @ Regina, thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart...

    @ Sylvia, Oh, I thought we were the only ones disgusted by this institution in our society. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ JBar, because no other politician have thought of invading the sky other than him.

    @ Carmen, who ever have invented this strategy to put order to our society, must have regreted how these scheme have turned out to be rotten.

    @ Hi Jan, salamat sa laag dear... wala ana sa inyo? diri ra sa DAvao...LOL..

    @ Siromade08, I don't campaign for anyone, I just posted it hoping to stir some thoughts whether you will vote for this man or not, by what his people did.

    @ kikamz, true dear... siguro kahit panty or brief basta masulatan .... sigh! thanks for dropping by I appreciate very much....

    @ Manang Kim, salamat pud sa laag.. balik-balik...

    @ Jenn, hi my dear! naa pa.. habol, bottled water, kulang nalang sardinas ilisan ug label.... LOL! Salamat sa laag jenn.

  11. hahhaha...kuyawa sad kaau ni si villar da...ehehhe!

    love the sky....summer kaau!

  12. Well, Vernz, I hope that that the next President elected will be one that really helps your nation and the great, friendly, hardworking people that live here. Oh, to have one free of corruption and does not let the power go to their head.

  13. Desperado jud kaayo si Villar modaog no? Grabe iya the skyview!


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