I was eating my lunch when somebody profusely thumb-in our doorbell, I was still munching on my food when I hurriedly opened the gate and my husband’s cousin was still panting asking to borrow money as Joel, her husband got swept by a truck while riding his motorcycle on his way to work.

After all the tests and diagnosis, thank God it were all bruises and cuts that he got from the accident. When everything has cooled down and he was there in the hospital bed recuperating, I dared to ask his wife if Joel has insurance, or even just a temporary insurance, and she said, not even one.

I was contemplating on this dire situation of these lowly workers here in this country. Even to insure yourself is least of every Filipinos problem. Joel’s wife added, we cannot even buy a decent meal for our children, how can we even think of buying insurance.

Well, I’m not making this crap up, but this is one serious problem that whoever the people would choose to lead this country, should take everyone’s security a priority.

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