I met some girl friends at Catalina Garden Resto some days ago, it's a resto where you can see a panoramic view of Mt. Apo and the Davao Gulf. I brave the scorching sun, gosh, it’s been like two weeks we have not experienced rain in this side of town. But thank God for this – I’m sharing with you a scene of the majestic Mt. Apo during that day seen from Catalina Gardens at Shrine Hills here in the city.

Thanks for dropping by in this side of town.


  1. A fresh look of Mt Apo, albeit in a distance. Some clouds, no rain yet?

  2. Love that cloud hanging above the mountain..

    Mayon Volcano View

  3. nice pic. i miss davao and durian tuloy.

  4. Guy D, thanks for dropping by....

    japa, no rain yet japa....

    Chubskulit, sana bumagsak yan, super tigang na dito ...

    Out of the blue.... come over sometime ... thanks for dropping by...

  5. Used to drive to Shrine about 13 years back just to relax on that panoramic side of Davao (usually with visiting friends and coworkers from Manila). Couldn't remember I ever viewed Mt. Apo from there. If I had the chance to go to Davao again, I'll take my whole family to that spot to see Mt. Apo and to Jack's Ridge to see the full view of your beautiful city. Thanks for sharing.


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