When everybody has been crazy thinking about a trip to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, you might think this is out of line, but I actually been dreaming of coming to Russia. I fell in love with Russia when I read for about a year, yes, 11 months and three days to be exact, Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, there I got a good grip of Russia her rich culture, historic places and wonderful people.

But did you know that acquiring visa for Russia is not as difficult as you think. Russian tourist visa is the easiest and the cheapest visa to Russia you can get. To obtain a Russian visa for tourists it is required that you have to have an acceptance confirmation issued by a hosting Russian travel agency or a confirmed accommodation at a Russian hotel registered at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a tourist voucher issued by the same travel agency or Russian hotel.

As always Russian tourist visa is recommended for a non-business related travel. This is the best when you know exactly where and how long you will be staying in Russia without altering your planned schedules. So, why plunge yourself into a hassle, Russian Visalink Visa Services is at all the time available to assist you with all your visa needs and inquiries should you decide to travel to Russia.

So making my fingers crossed, hoarding some bucks for this dream of mine to see Kremlin in person.


  1. Whohooooo sarap nama pumuta dyan pedeng sumama pag punta mo hehehehe...

  2. the photo in your entry is really inviting...if i just have the money..i'll surely grab a visa and fly there! ^^

  3. Its interesting to know that its the cheapest and the easiest visa to get. The picture looks beautiful...:)


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