… LOL! Gosh, sorry guys just keep those drops and adgi coming, just leave me comments, notes or something of that sort…we had our house renovated for another boys room, and we are already on the last phase, that is cleaning all the mess the workers has left, fixing everything, do some finishing touches and do decluttering.

Geez, this kind of tired a feeling make me wanna die …. Anyway, I’ll get back to you as soon as I drank all the energy drink in my fridge. Take my word, that’s a promise.

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Haist kapagod talaga Ateh kapag may lilinising malaki sa haus..stressful sa isip pa lang kung paano matapos :)

  2. helo. I've read your blog..well it's true that some are not quite professional enough to clean there mess when it's part of their work.

    CLAY-GO (clean as you Go)

    by the way I'm a new blogger, if you don't mind can we exchange links? I already added you in mine..tnx.. =)

    whats's fun on having a new name

  3. I can understand the stress! Yan din ang ayaw na ayaw ko: kalat at dirty laundry.

  4. wow verns, give yourself a good rest. catch you later.

  5. That's the hassle of construction, the alikabok during, the amoy of paint, etc., and the 'linis' portion after. Take it from me; my husband is a contractor. But after everything is through...Whew! Your consolation is to see the beauty of your home after all the mess.


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