When I first knew about blogging from my mom friends some months back, I really can’t understand them why they feel so engrossed with what they are doing, not until I tried it myself and get hook to it also. I’m proud to say I’m a self-taught blogger, thanks to the people around this sphere that are more than willing to extend their help to techno-dense like me. But at times you also can feel that they are getting pissed by you by so much questions and queries, and I can’t thank enough those authors who have shared their knowledge through writing information fit for a low-techy like me, and that reduces some strains to other bloggers bugged by me.

From the time I started this blog in September last year, this is the fifth time I changed my template that is because I want a website that looks good! If you are still planning to start a blog there are few good things you have to remember, this article which I stumbled on when I was still starting was a very good read. The author strongly recommends that you have to plan-out your blog content first before anything else, well, that’s what I did and seven months later, I may have abide by the counsels of this author(ities), and eventually find ease in my blogging adventures, I have again contracted another problem that is how to deal with technological stress. This stress can be contracted from long term use of computers that can lead to physiological and psychological problems, for sure I have contracted several, got eyestrain, back pains, etc. experts say these are indications of ‘cyber-sickness’, but thanks to this article, it really make my life easier, it’s well written, facts are well presented, clearly researched and easily understood, it is a read well recommended.


  1. Haha, same tau Ateh Vernz..hindi mapalagay sa template lagi nagpapalit. Sabi nga ni hubby sa language natin "Hindi ba kapapalit mu lang yan ng isang araw?"

  2. hello ..
    may I come in here
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    nice blog my friend
    happy blogging..succesful!

  3. happy blogging maam..damo oppss bah?


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